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The Biggest Little Website In The World

Posted by Chuckmonster

In May 2004 a dream was born: a real-deal website that would cover the Las Vegas experience from the visitors perspective. Not a dumb one, but a smart one, with REAL usable information wrapped in humor, excitement and a bunch of fucking curse words. 16 months, 50,000,000 hits, 100,000 unique visitors and 300 Gigabytes of data transferred and thousands of hours of research, programming, design and gambling later we realized that we're sick to death of Vegas and have decided to sell VegasTripping to Harrah's.

Oh wait, that's not what happened.

Actually we thought to ourselves... "Selves? Why not take the experience you have in building VegasTripping.com and bundle it with Reno/Lake Tahoe and make an absolutely kick-ass website about all the gambling, skiing, hiking, gambling, boating, drinking, snowboarding and gambling fun one can have in Reno and LakeTahoe?" Faster than you can say Wayne Fucking Newton, we cracked the whip on our lowly programmers and roving reporters, letting them loose delivering to you what we believe is the finest RenoTripping.com website on the internets today. In fact, it's so absolutely large that we will go so far to say that RenoTripping.com is:

The Biggest Little Website In The World.

So strap on your thinking caps and knowlege sponges as you prepare to enter The Biggest Little City in The World - Reno, and the scenic Outdoor Wonderland of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. For most of you, this is virgin territory, we've taken into account that most of you have been to Las Vegas and will draw comparisons to Las Vegas casinos, restaurants and attractions.

As with VegasTripping.com, RenoTripping.com is a work in progress, we can't be everywhere at once, that's why we depend on YOU to add comments, send us tips and insight, and help us weed out errors or inaccuracies in our reviews and observation (or just provide a different viewpoint.) RenoTripping is YOUR guide to the Reno/Tahoe experience, help us help other Trippers have the greatest Reno/Tahoe freak out possible.

Without further adieu, we are pleased to welcome you to RenoTripping.com. Take a look around, send it to your friends, add a link to us on your blog or website, and most importantly - take Reno and Lake Tahoe for a spin, we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

- Chuckmonster
Headitor in Chief

September 6, 2005