History and Photos of The Reno Arch

The Biggest Little Arch In The World

Posted by Chuckmonster

The Reno Arch

The 4th Reno Arch (1950s)

Black and white photograph of Virginia street from the early 1950's. Note the Loan shop to the right as well as the sign advertising "Smokes". This is surely pre 1956 as the Frontier Club sign is still visible (slightly) behnd the Nevada Club Marquee. This arch would stand over Virginia Street for another 10 years. Harrah's is on the right (you can't see it).

The Reno Arch

The 5th Reno Arch - 1963-1986

The new octagonal sign with the double inverse helix arch. It looks like a four eyed smiley face. The snowflake makes its first appearance on this arch, and continues to grace Virginia Street with its rotating wonderment over 50 years later. It's amazing what a difference 10 years makes between the two previous photos. Harold's club has blossomed upwards. Graphic designers: the font used in that sign is called "Stereo", but the R and E need a little tweaking to be completely accurate.