History and Photos of The Reno Arch

The Biggest Little Arch In The World

Posted by Chuckmonster

The Reno Arch

The 5th Reno Arch (1978)

A photo commissioned by the now defunct Harold's Club. You'll see that Fitzgerald's is now open, and still open in the same spot, to this day. This, the 5th version of the Reno arch will stand for only 8 more years to be replaced by the current arch in 1986.

The Reno Arch

The 6th Reno Arch - 1986 - present

Built in 1986 and dedicated on Saturday, August 1, 1986, the Sixth Reno Arch incorporates pieces of all the previous arches while retaining a spirit all its own. A newly designed RENO logo sits beneath the spinning snowflake of the 5th arch, and the upwards arcing "Biggest Little City" from the pre-1963 versions has returned, as have lightbulbs. It's retro, its the future... its temporary. When will the next version of the Reno Arch be built, and what will it look like?