The Trippermill, ahem, The Peppermill Casino

Reno, Nevada's Psychedelic Gambling Wonderland

Posted by Chuckmonster

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Front Entrance

Walking into the casino entrance of the Peppermill has a similar sensation to dropping some turquoise tinted shades on your googlers on a very sunny day. But even this aquamarine vestibule can barely even hint at the psychedelic treasures inside. If there ever were a casino that was built with the LSD plug-in already installed - it is the Peppermill - you can bet my stack of Hunter S. Thompson books and Grateful Dead LP collection on it. We apologize for the quality of some of the photos - taking photos in a casino is a big no-no so we had to be in double secret CIA stealth mode. You know how it goes.

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Casino floor, directly Inside The Main Parking lot Entrance

So many things to note, but they can be encompassed in one word - Holy Shit. Ok, thats two words, but seriously... The Surf Buffet to the right has a slew of giant statues of sea faring monsters (note the killer whale up top right). Also check out the bottom lit borders of the low wall divider below the whale - Peppermill is chock full of this shit, the attention to detail is just as fastidious as what you might see at Belllagio or Wynn, but the motif isn't Euro-romantic - its off the fucking wall neon freak out. The lady with the walker's back was stuck at that mystifying 104 angle the everytime we saw her. Ouch. Another thing... why is it that people with oxygen tanks are always at casinos? Or is it the converse - spend lots of time in casinos and you get a bonus oxygen tank. Now I know what my future holds.


I need to go to this place on beans right now. That's it. I'm making a trip to Reno just to go here....

I can taste the colors.

...outside on my lawn?