The Trippermill, ahem, The Peppermill Casino

Reno, Nevada's Psychedelic Gambling Wonderland

Posted by Chuckmonster

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Mirror Mirror...

...on everything. Makes the place look huge and doubly reflects the neon all over the joint in a spherical blob dripping down from the ceiling. This is bat country.

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Neon Hoops

Of all the neon art in the Peppermill, I find myself most attracted to these things. Not sure why, possibly they remind me of a late night alien abduction and probing on the outskirts of Saturnian airspace I was "invited" to in '96.


I need to go to this place on beans right now. That's it. I'm making a trip to Reno just to go here....

I can taste the colors.

...outside on my lawn?