The Trippermill, ahem, The Peppermill Casino

Reno, Nevada's Psychedelic Gambling Wonderland

Posted by Chuckmonster

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Fajita Falls

A fantastic little water wall display over the top of a bar, seperating the Fajita bar from the casino - it does double duty of masking the noise of the casino with the very Feng Shuei trickle trickle. It wasn't a steady stream though - it was a minature indoor version of the Bellagio fountain (work with me here...)

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Center Casino Pit

Neon freak out - bottom-lit casino tables (gotta love the pink piping just below the arm rest) . Also note the detailed mini-lights that line nearly everything. The grid of red lights near the escalator is an example of the lighting that exists over all the tables and in some of the more intimate slot plunking areas. The plasma screens all over the casino didn't have sports playing, but instead looped video of water running over rocks, or a barnyard or people playing Chopin sonatas on the piano. Very odd, very jarring "windows" filled with pastoral and calm scenes, but it gave it a very soothing balance to the avant-neon weirdness of the joint. Quite a fascinating juxtaposition.


I need to go to this place on beans right now. That's it. I'm making a trip to Reno just to go here....

I can taste the colors.

...outside on my lawn?