The Trippermill, ahem, The Peppermill Casino

Reno, Nevada's Psychedelic Gambling Wonderland

Posted by Chuckmonster

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Peppermill Expansion

The day we were there, the Peppermill was having a "press luncheon" to announce the coming $230 Million dollar expansion. The hotel tower and large flat convention space are part of the new plan.

Peppermill Casino Interior Photos

Casino Pit

A detailed photo of the ring of lights that runs hovers over the gaming tables in the main casino pit. Notice the detailed light piping and the dayglo color crazyness as well as the reddish orange bands just below the armrests on the blackjack tables.


I need to go to this place on beans right now. That's it. I'm making a trip to Reno just to go here....

I can taste the colors.

...outside on my lawn?