Peppermill Reno : The Reno Tripping Review

Photos and review of standard room at Peppermill Hotel & Casino

Posted by Chuckmonster

Ahhhh.... The Peppermill, the psychedelic wonderland where coctail watresses ask if you'd like liquid acid in your Rum Cannonball. Ok, they don't, but if LSD were legal in Nevada, damn straight every slot junkie at the Peppermill would be a certified trip fiend, high-fiving shroom toting grannies over by the bank of Wheel of Fortune Slots right beneath a 35 foot tall papier-mache hammerhead. Is there any more TRIPPY place in the world than the Peppermill since the Jerry Garcia headed for the great gig in the sky? Nope. After visiting the casino, we only wondered how trippy the rooms would be, clear lucite bathtubs with neon swirls encased in them, black lights in the bathroom illuminating animal prints on the toilet paper, plush round waterbeds with neon piping and a control panel that will close the curtains, turn on the Bacharach and put that bed in motion.

Guess what folks... it ain't like that. In fact, the Peppermill's resort rooms are as sober as anything this side of a Hampton Inn in Des Moines, and that is a good thing. With the casino being completely, a resort room that is plain, sobering and restful is exactly what the weary gambler needs to re-charge the batteries. would like to thank RenoTripper Blythe for sharing her photos of the Peppermill with us. We hope you enjoy them.

The Peppermill's Virginia Street facing marquee has got to be the greatest achievement in Neon Art ever. Continually blinking and swirling like a Psychecelic Psychlone inviting and exciting action in their main casino pit.