Peppermill Reno : The Reno Tripping Review

Photos and review of standard room at Peppermill Hotel & Casino

Posted by Chuckmonster

the Peppermill Reno Resort Room

Vanity Mirror, delicate lighting, standard shower and tub combo (not pictured). The Toiletries included shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower cap and bath gel. Also note the ubiquitious telephone by the toilet. Now... think about this. People sit on the can working thier third trip to the buffet table out with great pains, pushing, pumping, dropping, dabbing, flushing, pushing, wiping, pushing, flushing - and talking on the phone. Do YOU really want to put that phone up to your mouth and ear? Does it get sanitized? I don't think so. Beware of Toilet Phones - there isn't even a phone sized ass gasket.

the Peppermill Reno Resort Room

Note the mirrored base to the sink fixtures, subtle. Trippy, and probably the wierdest feature of Peppermills Resort rooms. Yah, these rooms are pretty drab, but the party is downstairs, and thats where you should be.

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