The Aveda Spa at Montbleu Lake Tahoe Review

Spas are good, Aveda is good, what could possibly go wrong?

Posted by Miss Monkay

Aveda Spa at Montbleu Lake Tahoe Review

I have recently rediscovered my love of spas. I used to frequent one near my home in Los Angeles on a regular basis for a massage and use of the facilities. I was always overwhelmed by the assortment of freebees that were offered to spa guests. Shampoo and conditioner were expected but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine lotions, cotton balls, hair brushes and combs, razors, mouthwash, facial wash, moisturizer for the body and face, bowls of fruit, iced washcloths, water with cucumbers or mint and an array of juices and hot drinks would be at my fingertips as well. My local spa included bobby pins, hair spray, gels, elastics, hair dryers, curlers and straighteners. It was truly insane and I found myself visiting more and more often just to indulge in the fully stocked bathroom which also featured awesome water pressure and large, plush towels, which had no limit on how many you used. The generous outlay of amenities always made the experience truly enjoyable.

Lake Tahoe Montbleu Caesars Transformation When we began planning our Montbleu Lake Tahoe getaway, the spa was very high on my to-do list. Lake Tahoe is not Vegas by any means, but it does tend to attract a crowd that probably appreciates a good spa. Montbleu used to be Caesars Tahoe, after all.

Upon checking into the hotel, the bellhop informed us that the recently renovated Aveda-sponsored spa was, by far, the best in Tahoe. After we settled into the room, I grabbed the guest services menu and began to plan out my spa treatments. I was surprised to see that the Montbleu spa scheduled appointments until 9:00 pm, much later than any spa I've visited in Las Vegas. A definite plus.

Booking was extremely easy. The receptionist answered all of my questions and patiently helped me schedule my massage and haircut for the following day. I also made a mental note to check out the pool, which was housed in the spa.