The Aveda Spa at Montbleu Lake Tahoe Review

Spas are good, Aveda is good, what could possibly go wrong?

Posted by Miss Monkay

The day of my appointment, I made my way to the rear of Montbleu by the parking garage structure, where the spa was located. The long hallway to the spa is quite stark, cold and lonely, which had me believing that I was headed to a employees-only area. An elevator with an "Aveda Spa" sign on it at the end of the hall indicated that I wasn't lost after all. I opted to take the long flight of stairs instead of the elevator, which spilled out in front of two glass doors to Montbleu's indoor pool and spa.

I swung them open and was immediately overwhelmed by a chlorine stench so strong my eyes watered. Most people share a common misconception that the smell of chlorine means a clean pool. In fact, that 'smell of chlorine' is incorrect. That smell is a result of a deficiency of the chemical, due to a particularly dirty pool. Gross.

The pool area was covered by domed frosted glass skylights, ensuring constant filtered and diffused light. There were outdoor areas scattered with lounge chairs for sunbathing with a mountainous vista.

The spa check in desk was adjacent to the pool and I was checked in without hassle, charging the visit to my room. One thing that I do not particularly care for, and it seems to happen at most joints, is being asked to fill out the tip before even receiving service. This implies that the tip is a given and the service will be based on what you leave. I left it blank, as usual, reminding the desk that I will need to fill it out after my service. I was given sandals after being asked my size, a robe and a quick run down on the facilities. I was allowed to use the small gym, which included some cardio and weight machines, as well as the sauna. However, the steamroom was out of service that day so I was shit out of luck if I wanted to recreate a visit to the humid eastcoast.

Once checked in I was set free to see myself to the women's locker room and to my locker. This was new. On every other spa visit I have had, I was given a tour of the facilities and shown to my locker. In this case, had to hunt it down myself, seek out towels and the shower along with everything else.

The lockers were clearly not replaced with the renovations as they all brought back the days of high school, complete with rust stains and all. Upon opening my assigned locker, I discovered a used robe, towels and slippers, as well as and a broken off acrylic nail. I dumped everything in the hamper and began to move my shit in. When attempting to put my spa slippers on I found that I was given a pair 2 sizes too small. The dirty locker I could deal with, but cramped feet is my limit. I returned to the desk and replaced them with some ease, if you discount the fact that I had to go out to the main co-ed pool/gym area nekkid but for a robe.