The Aveda Spa at Montbleu Lake Tahoe Review

Spas are good, Aveda is good, what could possibly go wrong?

Posted by Miss Monkay

After a quick dip in the pool, I made my way back to the locker room and to the jacuzzi. Before jumping in, I practiced good spa etiquette and hit the showers. The shower was nothing special, with average pressure, but I did notice that by the time I was done, I was standing in 4 inches of water. Drainage problems do not please me. If I wanted to stand in, well, standing water then I would stay home. For free. Aside from that the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were by Aveda and quite nice. However, the conditioner was too thick for the dispenser, which meant that none was being dispensed. I had to pop the top and scoop some out. Poor form, spa. The shower stalls, however, were right on. They were HUGE and allowed for toweling off in the stall itself. Me like.

Speaking of toiletries, there were really....well, none. Nothing of which I could line my bag, as I am wont to do at most other spas, including Burke Williams - the MickyD's of spas. There were no water bottles, no coffee, no tea, no fruit, no cold washcloths, no individually wrapped makeup removers, no facial moisturizers, body lotions, cotton swabs, nothing. I eventually found the tea and water, but that was in the co-ed waiting area which required a short walk down the hall.

The jacuzzi next to the cordoned off steam room was not a pretty sight. It made me think of an old hospital physical therapy room, which did not evoke a sense of relaxation on any level.

As the time for my massage neared, I made my way to the waiting area. I was retrieved by the massage therapist, who was cordial and knowledgeable. He administered a good deep tissue massage, concentrating on the swimmer cramp that struck my leg earlier in the week. My only complaint was how he ended the massage without ever touching my face or head. Leaving a part untouched tends to leave an unfinished feeling on me.

After the massage, I had to get ready for my hair cut. I did a quick rinse in the shower before dressing and hit up the salon, which I had to find on my own again. I eventually found my hairdresser in the back of the empty salon where she greeted me nicely. I told her that I wanted a few inches off and some shaping.

She was gracious enough, providing small talk and a good hair cut. What she did not provide was any kind of styling. I had to ask for some product after she simply blew dried my hair with me hanging upside down. Kind of like I do at home.

The total came to $210, average for a spa visit. I can't really complain about the service, but the amenities left a lot to be desired. It really felt as though I was in a no-nonsence spa. The age of the joint was plainly obvious. The pool needed resurfacing as my feet met with many cracks and bubbling surfaces. The locker rooms need a serious upgrade with some help from designers, the service could be improved, but overall, the massage and haircut were very good.