Montbleu Lake Tahoe : The RenoTripping Review 2008

Montbleu Screws The Pooch

Posted by Chuckmonster

Montbleu Lake Tahoe Hotel Review - Sinks


Montbleu Lake Tahoe Hotel Review - Closet The bathroom at Montbleu is obviously vintage Caesars. Dual sinks, actual glass drinking glasses, plenty of towels and plenty of amenities. The salmon pink marble seems kinda gross to me though. It just feels dirty and aged.

Fixtures were gold plated and worn, with glass faucet knobs. I've also got to mention the classic stylngs of the pleather covered ice bucket.

The closet behind the sink features some furnishings by "Closet World" an iron, some hand towels, kleenex, a luggage rack (which wasn't used by our bell hop, perhaps he knows not that it exists?), some hangars and a dry cleaning bag. There's also a bottle of water for sale although I don't recall the price.

Possibly the best part of the bathroom closet are the two gold framed mirror covered sliding doors which allow you to stare at yourself when sitting on the can. Lovely.


The only place I've had the pleasure of staying in Lake Tahoe was Harvey's and that place was pretty awesome. Rooftop pool = great.
But this place you were at does look like it's in the middle of an idenity crisis and salmon marble looks like the jacuzzi tubs in Ballys

I will forgive Chuck's fading memory here.

A couple of inaccuracies:

1. I was not in the room when the bowl of food was delivered. Chuck accepted it while I was out.
2. When I saw that thing I called down to the front desk only to be told that they had no other options. I told them to then call room service and get me a doggamned bowl that my dog can reach cause I did not bring one upon THEIR promise. They finally relented and clearly ran to the market with a cheapo dual water/food bowl. (Which I stole, 'cause F them, thats why)

Another thing he forgot:

Getting food at the Montbleu can sometimes be an impossible task. Mexican restaurant is closed for a good portion of the day, as is the steakhouse.

if you want to eat coffee shop food, however, you are in luck as 20-Four is open 24/7.

While the Montbleu isn't fantastic it has two things going for it: a great indoor pool, cheap weekday rooms if you priceline bid for it midweek. My wife and I frequently visit there as a relative local because in February for example nothing beats hanging out poolside at an empty hotel when everything else in the area is covered in snow.

Friends are staying there right now...their room is almost identical...all the same furniture and soft goods...their jacuzzi is round and surrounded by off-white tile, though.