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Bill's Casino Lake Tahoe

P. O. Box 8, Stateline NV // Lake Tahoe  » map

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Nearby: Harrahs Lake Tahoe
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Game Over: Bill's Lake Tahoe Closes January 4, 2010
A teeny weeny little joint that occupies a sliver of land between its parent company Harrah's joint and Caesars (MontBleu), Bills offers the frugal no-nonsense gambler and partier an alternative to the mega casino (at least mega by Tahoe standards) experience. It's a little worn around the edges, funky, cheap and fun. Think El Cortez Downtown Las Vegas.

Are the vibes lucky at Bills Lake Tahoe?

Just like a bar in your hometown, but with slots, cards and craps. Lotsa domestic beers on tap. The slots are a little tight and the drink service is somewhat non-existant, but the tables are the attraction here as well as the local bands rocking out in the adjacent bar. Bill's is worth the trip, but probably not worth hanging out in for 10 hours.

What casino games are offered at Bills Lake Tahoe?

10 card tables with blackjack, Three Card Poker and a few other games plus the cheapest craps table in a 300 mile radius. $2-3 bucks! We hear sometimes it even goes down to a buck, but can't confirm this.

Does Bills Lake Tahoe have casino comps?

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