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Cal-Neva North Lake Tahoe
CalNeva Lake Tahoe State Line Pool

2 Stateline Road // Lake Tahoe  » map

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Nearby: Hyatt Regency
Crystal Bay Club
Tahoe Biltmore
Comp Club: Players Club
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Cal-Neva Resort - The Real Deal :

Out of Order: Cal-Neva is temporarily closed for renovations and plan to reopen 'in the next few months'.
An Elks Lodge with a casino. This place rocks.

Location of Cal-Neva Resort:

Right smack on the California-Nevada border. The border is marked within the resort.

Cal-Neva Resort is Near

Hyatt Regency
Crystal Bay Club
Tahoe Biltmore

Cool Stuff About Cal-Neva Resort:

Cal-Neva sits right on the border of California and Nevada. In fact, theres a line right through one of the dining rooms, one side Cal the other Neva - the line goes through the pool as well. Check out photos 1 2 (thanks to RT reader Ss1120 for the photos). Where else can you do laps in two states? Very cool.

Check out their history page for some groovy tales from Tahoe.

Cal-Neva Resort History

Opened in 1928 and famously owned by Frank Sinatra in the early 1960s. In fact, the Cal-Neva was part of Franks undoing in the eyes of the Nevada Gaming Commission. It seems that Franks buddy, known mobster Sam Giancana and member of the famed 'black book' of excluded persons, paid an extended visit to the Cal-Neva to visit one of the McGuire Sisters and was treated to all the perks and hidden persuasions a dignitary might enjoy. When the gaming commission caught wind of it, they reprimanded Sinatra and forced him to attend a hearing to fight for his gaming license. Frank being frank decided to have a temper tantrum and curse the gaming commission out. Needless to say, he lost his gaming license and gave up the Cal-Neva shortly thereafter.

Marilyn Monroe stayed here, Dean, Sammy and Frank all performed here, JFK boinked Marilyn Monroe here, JFK's dad Joe used to come here in the 40s and 50s to hang out with his corrupt gangster buddies. This place has a lot of history.

The Rooms at Cal-Neva Resort

Cabins as well as rooms. If you request early enough you can stay in Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe's cabin. Nicely appointed, quaint yet small stand alone buildings that are rustic, funky and full of history.

Restaurants at Cal-Neva Resort

Cal-Neva Resort Tips

The only resort in Tahoe which offeres lake views for all rooms.

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