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Crystal Bay Club Lake Tahoe

14 State Highway 28 // Lake Tahoe  » map

Rating: Not Rated
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
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Nearby: Cal-Neva Resort
Hyatt Regency
Tahoe Biltmore
Comp Club: Players Club
Drink Service: Average
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Real Deal on the Crystal Bay Club

This is a smaller, casino-only club. They have live touring entertainment in their showroom (rock bands). It's more of a "night spot" during high season than a joint that grannies go to to waste their Social Security checks on Double Diamond machines. Fun place to be when Tahoe is hopppin!

Are the vibes lucky at Crystal Bay Club?

Smaller, effective. Great place to meet people, freak out and get hammered.

What casino games are offered at Crystal Bay Club?

Blackjack (single deck and shoe) Craps (2x odds - boooo!), Roulette, Three Card Poker and a ton of slot machines in every size shape and denomination available.

Does Crystal Bay Club have casino comps?

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