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P.O. Box 128, Stateline NV // Lake Tahoe  » map

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Harveys Lake Tahoe - The Real Deal :

It's not as big as Caesars or Harrah's but its just plain cool. It's the best sports book in Tahoe = "THE book" is THE place to get some sporting action in Tahoe. No smoking in it though. (BOOOO!) Harvey's Traditional sports book allows smoking.

Location of Harveys Lake Tahoe:

South Lake Tahoe right near Caesars, Harrahs and Horizon. If you're looking for the casino resort experience, this is the place to be.

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Harrahs Lake Tahoe

Cool Stuff About Harveys Lake Tahoe:

Not sure if this is cool... Harveys is owned by Harrahs (but they don't currently own Caesars across the street).

Harveys Lake Tahoe History

Harveys, or Harvey's, or Harvey's Wagon Wheel depending on how far back your relationship with Tahoe goes opened in 1944 as a one room gambling hall owned by Harvey Gross. Over the next 12 years Harveys, which is situated right on the Nevada/Tahoe border in South Lake Tahoe, Harveys grew enormously. Becoming one of two full scale casino resorts in Lake Tahoe in 1956 (William Harrah's resort 'Harrah's Tahoe' opened that year as well.) Over the years its evolved from a western styled casino joint into a multple hotel tower complex that still competes with the newer Caesars and re-furbished Harrahs.

On August 26, 1980 three men wheeled what looked like office equipment into the 2nd floor office of Harveys resort. No, this wasn't a giant adding machine, it was 907 pounds of TNT along with an extortion plot to seize $3 million dollars from the casino. The extortionists said in their note that the bomb could not be disarmed or moved, it had movement sensors that would trip the exposives at .01 movement on the Richter scale. After evacuation of the Resort, the bomb was detonated - tearing massive holes into Harvey's hotel tower and costing the resort millions to repair. Read the full story here

The Rooms at Harveys Lake Tahoe

Two towers - no this isn't a Lord of the Rings joke. Harveys has two towers. You wanna look at the mountains? Stay in the Mountain Tower. You wanna look at the Lake? Stay in the Lake Tower. Its that simple. When you check in, state your preference and if they've got a suite available for you, they'll hook it up. The higher the floor, the better the view.

The good news is that the windows open. Imagine that eh? It's only a coupla inches, but its a start.

Restaurants at Harveys Lake Tahoe

Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina - the once and future yelper for Van Hagar's Tahoe hot spot. Mexican and southwestern style eats, live entertainment and tons of Sammy's own Cabo Wabo Tequilia.

Pacifica Seafood Buffet - open for dinner Thursday through Sunday. 12 seafood stations chock full of sea treasures. If you're gonna gorge out, this is a great place to do it.

Sage Room Steak House - casual steaks chops and more. This place has been open since 1947 yo.

Hard Rock Cafe - You been to one, you been to em all... buy the buttons at the gift shop and skip the $19 burger.

19 Kitchen - Bar - IT'S NEW! A dazzling view of the Lake from the 19th floor of Harveys. Steaks, seafood, sushi & sashimi, served in an impressive array. The food here kicks ass and the view can't be beat. Make reservation if you want the best view.

Carriage House - Non fancy eats at the Carriage House. It isn't diner food, but it isn't high style either. Good for budget conscious that don't Van Halen or Hard Rock

Harveys Starbucks' is open from 6am to 11pm. Now you know where to go for that morning breve decaf no-foam half-caf soy latte.

Harveys Lake Tahoe Tips

Fitness Center, Weddings and special guests can take a ride on Bill Harrah's private yacht.

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