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111 Country Club Drive // Lake Tahoe  » map

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Nearby: Cal-Neva Resort
Crystal Bay Club
Tahoe Biltmore
Comp Club: Players Advantage Club
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Hyatt Regency - The Real Deal :

Brand new renovated joint, with an open fireplace and a gosh darn moose head hanging on the wall. This place rocks, particularly if you can afford a room here. It's not like a Vegas-style casino - its a high-rent woodsy ski lodge.

Location of Hyatt Regency:

North Lake Tahoe/Crystal Bay - stunning place with a stunning view of the Lake. This is where the wealthy come to ski and gamble. Pamper yourself.

Hyatt Regency is Near

Cal-Neva Resort
Crystal Bay Club
Tahoe Biltmore

Cool Stuff About Hyatt Regency:

Great view, and truly divine accomodations... its expensive but worth it - boutique style.

Hyatt Regency History

Opened in 1975 and recently completed a $60 million dollar renovation in 2003. This place is truly a "Lodge" in the ski lodge sense of the word. Its fancy, upscale and has a price tag to match. Very plush yet rustic.

The Rooms at Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt offers luxurious accomodations, with many choices in rooms. The rooms are furnished in earth tones, to match the surrounding Tahoe. They also offer cottages on a private beach, complete with fireplace, wet bar and your choice of 1 or 2 bedrooms.

Restaurants at Hyatt Regency

Lone Eagle Grille - enjoy a diverse menu (Elk Carpaccio, venison medallions, duck) while enjoying lake view dining and a massive fireplace. Ted Nugent loves this place. Sierra Cafe - quick snack bar style food. Breakfast and dinner buffets on the weekend.Ciao Mein Trattoria - Pan-asian Italian mix. Not sure if Kung Pao Ravioli is on the menu. Ciao Mein - get it? Chow Mein? LOL - LMAO - ROFL - HEH :| Cutthroat's Saloon - Booze and casual dining. Lakeside Beach Bar and Grill - Weather permitting outdoor patio BBQ. Mountain Grinds - serves starbucks beans. Stillwater Pool Bar and Grille Poolside booze and chow.

Hyatt Regency Tips

Private beach!

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