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20 Highway 28 // Lake Tahoe  » map

Rating: Not Rated
Pricing: $ $ $ $ $
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Resort Fee:
Nearby: Crystal Bay Club
Tahoe Biltmore
Cal-Neva Resort
Comp Club: Players Club
Drink Service: Awesome
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Real Deal on the Jim Kelley's Nugget

Jim Kelley's nugget is a small slot parlor and not much more. Fun to drop in but not a destination in itself.

Are the vibes lucky at Jim Kelley's Nugget?

Casual, comfy, nice and like all of the North Shore casinos it's very friendly.

What casino games are offered at Jim Kelley's Nugget?

Slots, Video Poker

Does Jim Kelley's Nugget have casino comps?

Ratings and Reviews of Jim Kelley's Nugget:

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