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168 Highway 50, Stateline NV // Lake Tahoe  » map

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Nearby: MontBleu
Bills Lake Tahoe
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Lakeside Inn - The Real Deal :

If you're tired of the big casinos on the Tahoe Strip and need to touch the earth a little and actually unwind... the Lakeside Inn is a great place to hide out for a few hours. It's comfortable, not so flashy, funky and personable. Sometimes off the beaten track means you'll get a little more personal service than the bigger joints.

Location of Lakeside Inn:

Lakeside Inn is located on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, about 5 minutes north east by car from the South Lake Tahoe strip. You can walk there.

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Bills Lake Tahoe

Cool Stuff About Lakeside Inn:

Lakeside Inn History

The Rooms at Lakeside Inn

Lakeside Inn's rooms are rustic (in a good, yet kinda weird way) and homey with log cabin decor. They feature three types of hotel rooms : Marla Bay - double queen with broadband internet, ironing board and tv, Edgewood - king bed, funky decor, cable tv, broadband internet, Glenbrook - a different flavor of the Edgewood rooms.

In a word, these rooms are quite funky.

Restaurants at Lakeside Inn

Lakeside Inn features two dining options : Timber House Restaurant - 24/7 dining, known for it's prime rib deal, Latin Soul - Mexican and central American cuisine.

Lakeside Inn Tips

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