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168 Highway 50, Stateline NV // Lake Tahoe  » map

Rating: Not Rated
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Nearby: MontBleu
Bills Lake Tahoe
Comp Club: Lakeside Card
Drink Service: Awesome
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Real Deal on the Lakeside Inn

If you're tired of the big casinos on the Tahoe Strip and need to touch the earth a little and actually unwind... the Lakeside Inn is a great place to hide out for a few hours. It's comfortable, not so flashy, funky and personable. Sometimes off the beaten track means you'll get a little more personal service than the bigger joints.

Are the vibes lucky at Lakeside Inn?

Lakeside Inn casino is log cabin style. Funky and fun.

What casino games are offered at Lakeside Inn?

Slots, video poker, blackjack, three card poker, craps, roulette, keno and a sports book.

Does Lakeside Inn have casino comps?

Ratings and Reviews of Lakeside Inn:

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