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Tahoe Biltmore

#5 Hwy 28 // Lake Tahoe  » map

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Nearby: Cal-Neva Resort
Hyatt Regency
Crystal Bay Club
Comp Club: Club Biltmore
Drink Service: Awesome
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Tahoe Biltmore - The Real Deal :

Compared to what you might be used to, the Tahoe Biltmore is a pretty small joint. Decent action, table games, slots, but this isn't really your gambling paradise, more of a convenient side diversion to a weekend of skiing and/or boating.

Location of Tahoe Biltmore:

North Lake Tahoe/Crystal Bay, accross the highway from Cal-Neva Resort and the Crystal Bay Club.

Tahoe Biltmore is Near

Cal-Neva Resort
Hyatt Regency
Crystal Bay Club

Cool Stuff About Tahoe Biltmore:

Good nighttime entertainment options if you're looking for some live music and some stiff drinks. Music ranges from tribute artists to jamrock to reggae to blues to classical flamenco. A good alternative to the Crystal Bay if it's packed.

Tahoe Biltmore History

Opened in 1946, the Tahoe Biltmore (as well as its neighbor Crystal Bay) has been known in recent years for booking an impressive array of up and coming artists into its showroom. There's a little "scene" going on in North Lake Tahoe these days.

The Rooms at Tahoe Biltmore

Tahoe Biltmore boasts itself as being the best value in Tahoe, The Biltmore offers both cabins and rooms with basic amenities. By value they mean inexpensive, no air conditioning and some other basic amenities are missing. Thats value, you get what you pay for - rustic or plush - you decide whats best for you and your budget.

Restaurants at Tahoe Biltmore

Café Biltmore serves up traditional coffee shop fare while Conrad's Grill & BBQ takes care of your meat-eating needs.

Tahoe Biltmore Tips

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