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Clown Feet

500 North Sierra Street // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Silver Legacy
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)
Comp Club: The One Club
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Circus Circus - The Real Deal :

It's a Circus dammit! Good odds, good games. We've always had good luck at Circus-Circus properties (in Vegas as well as Reno) despite the strolers and kids and all that annoying distracting stuff. Probably won't stay here, but will definitely hit the blackjack tables. Rest assured the C2 isn't nearly as ghetto in Reno as the one in Vegas - yes theres kids, but no they're not everywhere.

Location of Circus Circus:

On the north end of Virginia Street, connected via walkway to Silver Legacy just south of it. The Circus-Circus/Silver Legacy/Eldorado mini-strip is very neato and it dosen't take all that long to walk from one end of the three to the other, plus you're inside so you can bring your drinks with you. There is an open container law in Reno - you can't stagger around drunk with drinks in your hand - this is probably in your best interest... you don't wanna get run over by a train.

Circus Circus is Near

Silver Legacy
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)

Cool Stuff About Circus Circus:

Well, not too much in the way of amenities, beyond the basic (gym, room service, pool) but they do offer something that most casinos do not: Circus acts. However, be advised that wherever there are clowns, children and their masters will flock. Note that it isn't nearly as insane as the Vegas Circus Circus outpost. By comparison, Circus Circus Reno is downright elegant, friendly and fun.

Circus Circus History

Starting off with 102 rooms in 1978, the Reno version of the Vegas landmark has expanded to over 1500 rooms and features the same circus shenanigans as the Vegas Circus-Circus, but with about 1/2 the "stroller density".

The Rooms at Circus Circus

The rooms at Circus Circus Reno aren't at the top of the list for what can be found in Reno. We highly suggest the suite level and above. With Reno's hotel rooms being incredibly inexpensive, even a minimal amount of splurging gets you really far up the room pecking order. The VIP Suites include separate bedroom, jacuzzi tub, dining room and sparkling furnishings. Executive Suites are one step above in terms of quality of furnishings and larger jacuzzi. The standard rooms (Double Queen, Single King and the 'mini Suites') are decent enough, but the decor is a bit Aunt Flo.

Restaurants at Circus Circus

Circus Circus Reno has a bunch of good dining options, much better than their Vegas counterpart. Americana Cafe satisfies your coffee shop cravings, and the Bonici Brothers pizzeria invites you to "explore the pizzabilities". The Smokin' Gecko BBQ is brand new and offers ice cold Sierra Nevada bews and all the BBQ sauce your gut can handle. Kokopelli's Sushi is on property to satisfy your Asian food fetish. Otherwise, you can visit the Courtyard Buffet and cross gluttony off of your to-do list. For a night of dress up, The Steakhouse at Circus will serve you with the same style and class that has made its Las Vegas counterpart an essential stop on the LV dining circuit.

Circus Circus Tips

If you are looking for a place to bring the kids and surf the internets, then this is the place for you. Circus Circus Reno has joined it's sister property in Las Vegas and has added wireless access.

For the kiddies, Circus Reno offers midway games, reminiscent of the Atlatic City Boardwalk and the C2 in Vegas. Let it be known that our very own columnist Chuckmonster is a master at the "Chicken In A Bucket" catapult game.

And not to forget, free circus acts for all to enjoy!

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