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Clown Feet

500 North Sierra Street // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Silver Legacy
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)
Comp Club: The One Club
Drink Service: Awesome
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Real Deal on the Circus Circus

It's a Circus dammit! Good odds, good games. We've always had good luck at Circus-Circus properties (in Vegas as well as Reno) despite the strolers and kids and all that annoying distracting stuff. Probably won't stay here, but will definitely hit the blackjack tables. Rest assured the C2 isn't nearly as ghetto in Reno as the one in Vegas - yes theres kids, but no they're not everywhere.

Are the vibes lucky at Circus Circus?

Circus acts, friendly dealers, clowns everywhere... you know whats up here but don't judge it by its Vegas sisters funkyness. The C2 Reno is very playable with $3 craps tables during the week, tons of card games and very very playable Video Poker at the Carousel Bar. No the bar dosen't spin around... in fact theres nothing carousel at all about it. The bartenders are pleasant and they make a great Colorado Bulldog and put whipped cream on your Bailey's and Coffee.

The ceilings in the casino are inordinately low and all the tables are together in the middle in a giant L shape with slots out the outer perimiter.

What casino games are offered at Circus Circus?

Craps, Roulette, Three Card Poker, PaiGow, slots from a penny on up to $5, Sportsbook, Blackjack (pays 3/2 on a natural) and poker room (Hold 'Em, Stud and Omaha). Must note that the C2 has $3 craps during weeknights.

Does Circus Circus have casino comps?

Redeem 40 player points for a $1 Buffet at the Circus Buffet. Should they be paying you to eat there? Who knows... it isn't as bad as the Vegas C-C buffet.

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