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255 North Virginia Street // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Eldorado
Terrible's Sands Regency
Harrah's Reno
Comp Club: Club Fitz
Drink Service: Average
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Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed) - The Real Deal :

Fitzgeralds certainly doesn't lack consistency. If you've ever been to the Fitz in downtown Vegas, then you've got a great idea what the Fitz in Reno is like. Medium sized, somewhat empty, good location, old slot machines, a little gummy around the edges. All of this is surprising since Fitzgeralds is in a prime location in Reno - right next to the Reno Arch, across Virginia street from Harrah's and adjacent to Eldorado and the other downtown Reno big boys. To be fair, the Fitz is a nice place. Its comfy and fun to play at even though its been in bankruptcy proceedings for two years (and counting). If someone decides to buy it and pimp the place out - it will be killer.

Location of Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed):

Fitzgerald's Reno is located right in the heart of the action in downtown Reno. To the north are the big joints - Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus, to the east Harrah's and to the south a grip of smaller joints and pawn shops. Fitzgeralds is located right next to the famed Reno Arch.

Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed) is Near

Terrible's Sands Regency
Harrah's Reno

Cool Stuff About Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed):

Fitzgeralds sells luck as a commodity (don't all casinos?). Inside of Fitgeralds you have the opportunity to rub Secretariat's horseshoe, Chinese god of luck Ho-Tei's belly, rub a genie lamp, or throw coins in their magic waterfall OR wishing well made of stones from Blarney Castle (have they noticed the stones are missing?). You're better off throwing your coins in the slot machine folks.

Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed) History

Fitzerald's Reno was opened in 1976 and their 16 story hotel tower has great views of downtown Reno and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Fitzgeralds casino spans two floors (a trait in Reno joints - since its a 'downtown grid' the gaming moves upwards instead of outwards). The Fitz is right next to the famed Reno Arch, next to the old Horseshoe property, which has since converted itself into a real money making operation - a pawn shop. Fitzgeralds Reno was purchased out of bankruptcy in 2007 and plans for a full scale renovation and upgrade of the property are on the drawing board. Exciting!

Cancel that. New owners L-3 properties from Chicago have decided to close Fitzgeralds and turn it into a "boutique hotel."

Fitzgeralds Reno closed on November 30th 2009

The Rooms at Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)

Fitzgerald's Reno hotel rooms come in four flavors: Economy Rooms - standard and sparse yet clean, Deluxe Rooms slightly larger, Mini-Suites even larger but with a minibar, Fitz Full Suites - living room, separate bedroom, dining area and a nicer bathroom. They're all pretty basic no-frills hotel rooms, so be sure to do a little comparison shopping before committing on anything at Fitzgerald's Reno.

Restaurants at Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)

Lord Fitzgeralds Feast and Merriment Buffet is available for all-you-can-eat eating while Molly's Garden Restaurant offers 24 hour dining in a garden setting. Looking to fill your hollow leg with a fine stout, or Irish whiskey? Look no further than Limerick's Pub and Grille for pub and grub.

Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed) Tips

Fitzgerald's has an array of good luck icons available for guests to interact with:

* Fitzgeralds Lucky Wishing Well, constructed of lucky stones from Blarney Castle.
* Lucky horseshoe from Triple Crown Winner, Secretariat
* Ho-Tei's, the Chinese god of good luck
* Lucky Waterfall
* Genie's lamp

Take yer pick or hit them all up!

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