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Nearby: Peppermill
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Club Cal Neva
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Grand Sierra Resort - The Real Deal :

Ahhh... the familiar sights and sounds of a Hilton casino. Lots of machines, lots of tables... you can lose a lot of money here if you wish, in a variety of ways too!

Location of Grand Sierra Resort:

In central Reno, south east of downtown, east of the Peppermill/Atlantis just north of the Reno Airport. There isn't much around here gaming wise other than the Reno Hilton itself, island in the river.

Grand Sierra Resort is Near

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Club Cal Neva

Cool Stuff About Grand Sierra Resort:

The World Poker Tour Reno Hilton Classic is here every March. Shuffle up and deal! Reno Hilton has a 50 lane bowling alley, a go-kart track, rents motorcycles, rents skiing and snowboarding gear and has an indoor wind-room skydiving simulator. They seem to know that Reno isn't just about gambling, its about having fun indoors and out.

The Reno Hilton Theater hosts bonafide good concerts...

Grand Sierra Resort History

Originally opened as the MGM Grand in 1978 at a then staggering cost of $131 Million bucks. It was the largest hotel in the world (for about 2 months). The MGM Grand folded up shop and became a Ballys, then eventually the Reno Hilton in 1986. Caesars sold the Hilton in May 2005 and with the sale comes another name change - it will soon be called Grand Sierra Resort. They plan on re-constructing (to the tune of $1.5Bajillion Dollars) look like a Lake Tahoe style Ski Lodge with a lake and an indoor waterpark (uh... right).

The Rooms at Grand Sierra Resort

The Reno Hilton was once the largest hotel in the world, expect top of the line circa-1978. Its' been upgraded since then, but the building itself is a little (smidgen) longer in the tooth than what you'd expect in Vegas. It's still nice, fancy and superconvenient to the airport.

Restaurants at Grand Sierra Resort

Generically named joints: The Steakhouse (Steaks and Chops) Andiamo (Italian) and Asiana (Pan Asian food) all good stuff, nothing out of this world, but still really good quality eats. On the casual side, the Reno Hilton offers a Lindy's Cafe, The Lodge Buffet, Chevy's chain mexican food, a generic coffee joint (Java Coast) a Subway type of joint (but better) and a friggin Round Table Pizza. When will the joints realize that we DON'T want to eat at the same joints that are available in our hometowns. Jeebus Tapdancing Christmas.

The Grand Sierra Resort recently announced that Ashton Kutcher, husband of Demi Moo will be opening a Reno version of his Los Angeles Based eatery Dolce when the Grand Sierra resort is finally opened.

Grand Sierra Resort Tips

The Reno Hilton offers a coupla pub/bar/nightclub options including the Garage Night Club (with live music and a cigar humidor room), The Aspen Lounge piano bar, The Pylon bar (which features Barron Hilton's airplane collection suspended from the ceiling) and the Escalator Bar where you can get tipped while the wife and kids walk about the Reno Hilton's mall. Thats convenience!

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