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219 N. Center Street // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Club Cal Neva
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)
Comp Club: Total Rewards
Drink Service: Bribes required
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Real Deal on the Harrah's Reno

It's a Harrah's. You've been to one you've been to all... although Harrah's Reno is a bit less cramped and laid back than the Vegas version. Harrah's Lake Tahoe is really the best one of em all. The slots can be a bit tight sometimes (not as bad as Harrah's Laughlin though - sheesh) and the layout is particularly. On the major plus side - there's always Vegas rules blackjack and $5-10 tables available at all times day or night. The dealers are friendly and helpful and the clientele... well they're just plain nice folks (except if you come on motorcycle or racing weekends - then its a bit nuts.)

Are the vibes lucky at Harrah's Reno?

$5 blackjack shoe games! If you're looking for a 2 deck 21 game that pays 3-2 for a natural, you can forget Harrah's Reno. A bunch of the casinos in Reno are doing 4 deck continual shuffle games now. Yucky. Harrahs actually has a few honest tables left at their joint, one of the better blackjack options Downtown. The video poker at the bars suck ass so don't play em - the bartenders are nice though.

What casino games are offered at Harrah's Reno?

Poker room, Craps, Three Card Poker, Roulette (and Rapid Roulette), Bacarrat, Let It Ride, Four card poker, Blackjack, Pai Gow, Slots, Video Poker, and more...

Harrah's Reno also started offering "Blackjack Switch" you probably want to stay away from this game.

Does Harrah's Reno have casino comps?

Harrah's Total Rewards program really kicks ass. They track all your play and will send you all sorts of comps, freebies and discounts if you prove to them that you've got some action in you. You've got to PLAY if you want to get comps... forget what the hoseheads on the Travel Channel say.

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