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2707 South Virginia Street // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Grand Sierra Resort
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Peppermill - The Real Deal :

The deal about the Peppermill. It's fun. It's huge. It's insane. The gaming action is quick and dirty, the slots are truly playable and the atmosphere is indescribable. Acid dripping folks... truly.

Location of Peppermill:

South of downtown, west of the airport/Reno Hilton and north of Atlansis. If you go down Virginia street from downtown, over the Truckee river you'll find the Peppermill about 2 miles down the road on the right. With a sign like that, you CANNOT miss it. Driving time from downtown: 10 minutes.

Peppermill is Near

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Cool Stuff About Peppermill:

Peppermill offers discounts and specials for Seniors. Any seniors out there reading this?
Peppermill hosts a summertime concert series - all the lite Reggae you can handle.

Peppermill History

The Peppermill in Reno opened its doors in 1996. It was completely renovated in 1996 and contains 1070 rooms in its 18 floor tower. The Peppermill is one of Reno's most popular casino destinations, in part because of great slot action, quality food, hotel amenities and its downright insane neon freakout atmosphere. If you're gonna take acid in a Reno casino, this is the place to do it at. The 'Mill announced in Fall 2005 a $230M upgrade which will include a second tower and a massive event/convention space. Kick ass!

The Rooms at Peppermill

Elegant, somewhat subtly decorated suites and standard rooms - nearly 1300 of em. The Peppermill offers a great deal of comfort for a very reasonable price. Theres a reason why it's voted amongst the best casino resorts in the nation year after year.

Restaurants at Peppermill

Buffet? Yep - The Island Buffet. Its a tropical food fest featuring vittles from every possible culinary genre known to man or dog (no alpo fido), plus there are giant sea monsters hanging from the ceiling in the joint. Worth the trip for sure. Additionally, White Orchid is a 4-Diamond AAA rated dining explosion. Great food, it's reasonably priced too, recommended. Other options include the Oceano sushi joint, Steak House (a... steakhouse!). Romanza - italian food with hand made pasta. The Flamingo Food court is a quik-bite joint and the Peppermill has an on-site coffee joint elegantly called "Cafe Espresso" which has a great Buffalo Wing styled chicken finger sammitch - make sure you peel the tomatoes off though.

Peppermill Tips

The Video Cube is a giant cube with 120 television monitors in it that is suspended above the casino. This place is nuts folks.

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