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345 N. Arlington Avenue // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Eldorado
Silver Legacy
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)
Comp Club: Bonus Beach Club
Drink Service: Average
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Terrible's Sands Regency - The Real Deal :

A good gamble. Since its off the main drag, places like the Sands Regency have to have competitive gambling incentives to attract and keep visitors, which the Sands Regency has been doing without interruption for 30 something years.

Location of Terrible's Sands Regency:

West of the Downtown strip about 2 blocks. Get out and stretch your legs eh?

Terrible's Sands Regency is Near

Silver Legacy
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)

Cool Stuff About Terrible's Sands Regency:

The Sands Regency is home of the world's largest Cribbage Tournament. Not really sure how to play Cribbage... but the word sure does rattle around in the mouth well. Say it out loud with me.... CRIBBAGE!

Terrible's Sands Regency History

Opened in 1972 and last renovated in 1996 (dosen't look it), the Sands Regency has some of the larger "standard" rooms in Reno. It is owned by Sands Regent Corp. (owners of Rail City in Sparks as well). Not much big scandelous history to report here except a brazen robbery of $100 chips on the casino floor in 1998. It is a quaint joint, off the Downtown Strip, but still worth the time to visit (remember - it isn't fancy and its off the beaten path.) If you're walking there from the Virginia Strip, don't walk along the train tracks at night - its a little spooky.

The Rooms at Terrible's Sands Regency

800 rooms. The standard rooms are quite roomy but the color combinations are a bit hideous (as expected?)

Restaurants at Terrible's Sands Regency

Fuzio Universal Bistro & Steaks offers food from everywhere... plus steaks. Mel's Diner is a replica of a classic 50's diner (Flo, Vera & Alice still work there) The Buffet aims to cram as much cooked-to-order steaks for $12.99 a pop, Cabana Cafe offers basic nosh and your morning caffeine jolt. When you're done with all that you can wash it down with one of those juicy sandwiches from Arby's.

Terrible's Sands Regency Tips

Their pool has a farmers market and "pool parties". They even have a sandy volleyball court.

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