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407 N. Virginia Street // Reno  » map

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Nearby: Circus Circus
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)
Comp Club: Club Legacy
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Silver Legacy - The Real Deal :

Silver Legacy's casino is a giant mining rig inside the Epcot center. It's pretty freakin weird, but its nice, clean, fresh and fun to play in. One of our faves in Reno.

Location of Silver Legacy:

Near the north end of Virginia Street attached to Eldorado and Circus Circus by an inside walkway.

Silver Legacy is Near

Circus Circus
Fitzgerald's Reno (Closed)

Cool Stuff About Silver Legacy:

Inside that big silver dome is a large mining rig. We're not really sure what that has to do with anything, but its there. You'd think they'd put a planetarium in it or something trippy cool - ever eaten some good drugs and veg'd out at a planetarium? You should try it sometime, and not the "Laser Bon Jovi" show. The Rum Bullions lounge features people dancing on pianos. Uh... ok.

Silver Legacy History

The Silver Legacy grand opening was on July 28, 1995 at a cost of $350 million dollars - a contempory in timeframe as well as price tag as Las Vegas' Monte Carlo (half-owned by the company that was then called "Circus Circus"). When it opened in 1995, it was widely touted as the first step in a revitilazation of Downtown Reno's gaming district that has been evolving and revitalizing at a snails pace ever since. Will Reno ever be as grand and huge as Vegas? No. Will it be intimate and cool and fun? Absolutely.

The Rooms at Silver Legacy

The great thing about Reno is that you can get a truly fantastic mega-suite for about as much as a standard room in Las Vegas. We wholly suggest hooking up the Penthouse or Presidential Suites if you're going to stay at Silver Legacy. It's got everything you need to pretend you're a high-roller in Reno - whirlpool jacuzzi tubs, flat screen tv's, wet bar, sitting area, separate bedrooms, plush decor... the works. It's not Bellagio, but it's about 1/8 of the price... WE LOVE RENO! Alternately, the Spa Suites also have flat panel tv's, sofa, jacuzzi tub and the rest of the fixin's. Deluxe Guest Rooms have also been upgraded recently and come in three flavors - Standard, Deluxe and Superior. All three are essentially the same room, just some have better views than others. Go for the Spa Suites and up... easily one of the best bets in all of Reno.

Restaurants at Silver Legacy

Sterling Seafood and Steakhouse, who's menu you can view here, the Victorian Buffet, Fairchild's Oyster Bar, a food court, SIPS for coffee and the ilk, and a couple bars.

Silver Legacy Tips

Boasts the worlds only indoor casino silver mining rig which stands 120 feet tall.

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