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JA Nugget Sparks

1100 Nugget Ave // Sparks  » map

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Nearby: Mint Casino
Rail City
Silver Club
Comp Club: John's Club
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John Ascuagas Nugget - The Real Deal :

JA Nugget is one of the preferred locals joints. Slots are playable, video poker is fair, table games have liberal Vegas style rules. No tight 6-5 blackjack shit at the Sparks Nugget.

Location of John Ascuagas Nugget:

Right on the Victorian Ave main drag in Sparks. Just east of downtown, just north of the airport... this is the center of the action in Sparks.

John Ascuagas Nugget is Near

Mint Casino
Rail City
Silver Club

Cool Stuff About John Ascuagas Nugget:

Wayne Fucking Newton performed here as has Liberace and Bertha the Elephant (you read that right - the elephant shared the stage with many a legendary performer until her passing in 1955 - she even appeared on the casino's cocktail swizzle sticks). The JA Nugget is the host of the Best In the West BBQ Rib Cook Off on Labor Day Weekend. Rib chefs and BBQ junkies worldwide congregate here every year to compete in one of the largest BBQ Rib Cook-offs in the world.

John Ascuagas Nugget History

Opened in 1955 by Dick Graves, John Ascuaga purchased the Nugget in 1960 with a handshake and there truly began the history of Sparks first, and most fancy casino joint. John Ascauga is the son of Spanish immigrants who came over to the not so new world in the mid-1910's.

The Rooms at John Ascuagas Nugget

Tower, Courtyard and Garden Suites. The Tower Rooms are pretty nice, Courtyard quite nice, and the Garden suites kinda suck. Make sure you get the tower rooms.

Restaurants at John Ascuagas Nugget

The JA Nugget is known for presenting some of the best chow in the Reno area. John's Oyster Bar, The Steak House Grill, Rotisserie Buffet, the famous Trader Dick's (pan asian/polynesian), and Trader Dick's Noodle Hut (asian noodle dishes), Gabe's Pub and Deli (quick bites near the sportsbook), the spanish/basque Restaurante Orozko, Rosie's Cafe and the Farm House Coffee Shop all offer really good food at a very good price. Can't go wrong with most of the selections at the JA Nugget. Obviously having a single person owning the joint helps - the Benny Binion principle?

John Ascuagas Nugget Tips

JA Nugget has begun (2007) a major renovation to all of their hotel rooms. All guest rooms will be gutted and refurbished with the latest and greatest amenities including flat screen tv's, iPod docking stations etc. Pimpin the nug!

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