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1130 Victorian Avenue // Sparks  » map

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Nearby: Silver Club
Rail City
John Ascuagas Nugget
Comp Club: Mint Club
Drink Service: Average
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Mint Casino - The Real Deal :

The Mint Casino is a small slot house nestled in the middle of the Sparks strip. It's a teeny weeny joint - 150 slot machines only - no table games, keno, sportsbook nothing. They're in the process of moving to a larger joint so we expect their offerings to expand as a result.

Location of Mint Casino:

Right on the Victorian Avenue strip in the heart of Sparks. All the Sparks joints are within walking distance from the Mint.

Mint Casino is Near

Silver Club
Rail City
John Ascuagas Nugget

Cool Stuff About Mint Casino:

Great Sign out Front!

Mint Casino History

Mint Casino is a hole in the wall slot house on the Victorian Avenue Strip. They're currently planning to move their joint down the street to a brand new, larger building (2007).

The Rooms at Mint Casino

Mint Casino has no hotel attached, try the JA Nugget or Silver Club for rooms in Sparks.

Restaurants at Mint Casino

Mint Casino in Sparks has one small snack bar in the casino. Head over to the JA Nugget for better eats.

Mint Casino Tips

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