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2121 Victorian Ave // Sparks  » map

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Nearby: Mint Casino
Silver Club
John Ascuagas Nugget
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Rail City - The Real Deal :

RailCity is a smaller casino on the Sparks Strip. It is in the midst of a major expansion which should be completed in late 2007. The expansion will include the addition of a new restaurante/ale house and an expanded casino floor. Can't wait!

Location of Rail City:

Rail City is right on the western edge of the Victorian Avenue strip. All of the major Sparks gambling joints are within walking distance.

Rail City is Near

Mint Casino
Silver Club
John Ascuagas Nugget

Cool Stuff About Rail City:

Rail City is constructing a brand new casino!

A $33 million dollar Megabucks jackpot hit at Rail City in April 2009. Like, whoa!

Rail City History

Rail City is a long time Sparks joint that is owned by Terribles Gaming Corporation. They are currently constructing a brand new casino that will have expanded gaming and dining options. Stay tuned.

The Rooms at Rail City

Rail City currently does not have a hotel attached.

Restaurants at Rail City

Rail City has tons of dining options... all of which are exquisitely displayed on their website: Yummy!.

Rail City Tips

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