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Silver Club

1040 Victorian Avenue // Sparks  » map

Rating: Not Rated
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Nearby: John Ascuagas Nugget
Mint Casino
Rail City
Comp Club: Silver Club
Drink Service: Bribes required
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Silver Club - The Real Deal :

Nice place, not too big, not to small. 600 slot machines and 10 gaming tables. Features progressive Megabucks, Quartermania and slots in every denomination.

Location of Silver Club:

Sparks, right on Victorian Square near the JA Nugget, Rail City and the Mint Club Casino.

Silver Club is Near

John Ascuagas Nugget
Mint Casino
Rail City

Cool Stuff About Silver Club:

You can play Keno from home now. (psst... Keno is the worst game in the casino)

Silver Club History

Silver Club is closed effective January 10th, 2009
The Silver Club in Sparks was opened in 1982, no multi-bajillion project here - this is a quant locals-style casino with a decent hotel attached. Nothing too fancy, but if you're looking for something inexpensive and solid thats close to the Airport or Reno Hilton, this is a good option.

The Rooms at Silver Club

Small, yet pleasant and comfortable rooms. Don't expect a great deal and you'll be satisfied. It's a bargain shop, no real frills involved, but its a bed and a shower and a TV if you need it.

Restaurants at Silver Club

Anna Maria's offers Italian with a braised veal specialty, Victoria's Steak Buffet features all the New York steak you can stuff in your mouth, the Town Square Restaurant is a basic no-nonsense eatery, and Port of Subs is Reno's local sub sandwich chain.

Silver Club Tips

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