Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe Trip Tips - What to Bring

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What to Pack

Reno and Lake Tahoe are known for their beautiful fall and spring, comfortably warm summer and excellent winter months. If visiting in winter or late fall, bring a heavy coat, gloves, boots/golashes and a hat - yeah... its cold outside - its winter! Sunblock is a must for winter months if you're going to hit the slopes. Evenings during the spring and summer months can also be a bit chilly on occasion, so make sure you pack a solid windbreaker and a sweatshirt or sweater (Lake Tahoe visitors may wish to bring a hat as well... it can get a little windy). Summer days are warm and can potentially be a little humid despite being so close to the desert and mountains. Bring a swim suit and definitely sun glasses, oversized beach towel, a large hat or sombrero, and quality sunblock if you're planning on spending anytime whatsoever outside either at the many luxurious pools or boating on Lake Tahoe.

A rain jacket may come in handy as well... check the weather forecast before you head out.

For summer - wear loose fitting bright colored clothing, sunblock, shades and a sombrero for daytime strip hikes
If it's really hot (or cold) outside - DON'T GO OUTSIDE - use the many walkways that connect Reno's casinos or the underground tunnel from Harrah's Lake Tahoe to Harveys!


Stop off at a local drugstore/supermarket before you check in and grab some homebase essentials (it's way cheaper to pay the cab to wait than to get rooked at the casino gift shop):

- Water (One big bottle, and some smaller carry-around sizes)
- Soft Drinks/Juices (don't play mercy to the slots)
- Nuts, Dried Fruit, Trail Mix, Jerky (compact, portable protein)
- Candy/Sweets (just cause)
- Crackers/Pretzels/Chips (sop up a little late night booze)
- Candles for some late night romance ambience
- A bottle of your favorite tipple and mixer
- Condoms (Jesus was an optimist)
- Extra batteries for your digital camera

Other goodies:

A Good Book or Magazine for beach, jacuzzi, pool or in-room downtime
Laptop (all hotels offer in-room hi-speed internet access for a nominal fee or you can use your smart phone - such as a Palm or iPhone - as a modem.)
Dice/Cards and a book on gaming rules/strategy
Your favorite teddy bear or cookay monster
Pack some swanky duds and/or a sexy cocktail dress if you're on the prowl. The competition is fierce and you'll want to look sharp.